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Benefits of Responsive Web Design for Business
26 july 2017

Responsive design is meant to make your website compatible to all devices, including desktops, laptops, tablets, smart phones and other mobile devices. An emergent approach aimed at allowing the websites and/or web pages to be viewed in response to the size of the screen and the device being used, responsive web design (RWD) could be a great solution to your multi-screen problems. Also, it’s worth mentioning that the tasks included in RWD offers the same support to a variety of devices for a single website.

Responsive web design practices enable a website to respond to the users’ behavior and the environment based on platform, screen size and orientation. That, in simpler terms, means your website or the content on it will automatically fit all devices and resolutions alike. Professionals use a combination of flexible grids, layouts, images and CSS media queries while designing and developing a responsive website.

With more and more users switching from laptops to a variety of mobile devices for viewing websites today, it has become imperative for businesses to respond to users’ preference. And one handy solution to the problem is having a responsive website. This would eliminate the need of multiple websites for different users viewing your website using different devices. Increasing popularity of responsive web design remains directly attributable to the amount of mobile traffic, which has seen a rapid increase over the years. The mobile traffic today accounts for more than half of the total traffic driven on the Internet. If you wonder how responsive design can benefit your business, a few proven benefits are listed below:

An All-in-one Solution

Responsive web design is an all-in-one solution to your multi-screen problems. It frees you from limiting to just one device or digital media platform. If you have a responsive website, you don’t need to invest in different websites to hit different audience group. Responsive websites have the compatibility to all devices, such as computer desktops, laptops, iPad, android phones, tablets and other mobile devices. They provide an optimal browsing experience across a variety of digital media platforms, thereby allowing businesses to reduce the cost of maintaining more than one website.

Capture More Audience

More than half of the internet traffic comes from mobile devices rather than from computers or laptops. An average count of mobile traffic has reached close to 50% today. When looking to drive traffic from across a range of digital media platforms with a single option, nothing could serve you more than a responsive website.

Upsurge Your Online Presence

Responsive websites upsurge your online business presence and there is no denying the fact. Do you have a website that can respond to all devices and screen sizes alike? If you don’t, your business success would be no less than a roller-coaster ride as your visitors will land on the other sites. The bottom line is that you’ll miss the conversation with them. So, having a responsive website could be one of many ways to boost your virtual presence on the World Wide Web.

Cost Effective

Why go for many websites to do what you can do with one? With a responsive website, you don’t need to develop and maintain multiple websites for different users accessing you from different digital media platforms, such as computer desktops, laptops, tablets, smart phones and other mobile devices. It’s all the way cost saving to maintain a single website rather than two or more.

Deepak Kumar