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Privacy Policy

We abide by the rules of the privacy policy set forth to your notice. Committed to protecting the privacy of visitors visiting, no matter how often or frequently, we respect your right to confidentiality. Cantata Technologies, as a responsible firm, keeps visitors’ privacy on priority. We strictly refrain from renting, loaning or selling your personal and/or identifiable information collected on Being the sole recipient of the information, we don’t share it to any third party until legally or necessarily required.

The information shared by you is safe and protected as it’s dealt with utmost confidentiality and is used for the specific purpose only. However, we keep the right to contact the informants who submit their personal details with us. And the mode of contact could be either phone calls or emails depending on visitors’ convenience.

Why and When to Submit Your Personal Details

We make all efforts to process or to respond to the visitors’ requests. You may visit or browse our website without providing your personal information. Even if you are not asked to submit anything, certain information like your IP address, browser type and the operating system you use to browse our site is collected to provide you with better usability and to understand which part of the website you visit and how frequently. However, in certain cases, it may legally require you to submit your personal details like valid email ID, Phone number, etc. The information you provide is used as a means to the visitors’ identification.

Consequences of not Providing Personal Information

Guaranteed, your personal data is safe under our possession. However, if you don’t share your personal information that is essential to process a particular request, we may not be able to provide you with the corresponding service.

Data Security

We follow reasonable and appropriate security practices such as administrative, physical security, and technical controls to safeguard your personal information from any potential threat.

Data Retention

Cantata Technologies retains your personal details as long as it’s required under applicable law, or otherwise needed for business purpose.

Let Us Know if You Have Any Query

If you have any query with respect to our privacy policy or the website, you may contact us.

Updates to Our Privacy Statement

Our privacy statement is subject to updates whenever needed and the same will be made available on the website.